June 7th until 26th 2021

Beauty of Mess and Less

Jasmin Hoffer & Oleg Soulimenko

The installation Beauty of Mess and Less shows a mix of natural and manufactured materials accompanied by a video showing how the two artists interact with these materials to find unfamiliar forms and new meanings. Some things are taken from the trash, some are factory-fresh. The work deals with the entanglements of human bodies and objects and with the vitality of matter.
Today, in the Anthropocene, there seems to be nothing left untouched by humans. Dwindling species, thawing permafrost, landscapes of toxic trash: human impact appears all-encompassing. But the reverse is also true, nothing we get in touch with leaves us unchanged. It is this mutual interaction Jasmin Hoffer and Oleg Soulimenko scrutinise in Beauty of Mess and Less.
Beauty of Mess and Less is supported by the Cultural Department of the Styrian Government and KultRent.

Jasmin Hoffer and Oleg Soulimenko have been working together for a couple of years, creating performances in which they examine potential relationships between the human body and other forms of matter. Jasmin Hoffer is a dancer, choreographer and performance artist, who teaches contemporary dance. Oleg Soulimenko is a performance artist and choreographer. They both live and work in Vienna, and their performances have been presented at a variety of venues all over the world. Most recently, they showed their projects Beauty of Mess, Trash and Unknown desirers (2021), Loss (2017) and Swimming Pool (2018) at brut, Vienna.

Mai 17th until June 5th 2021

Inside and Outside

Maria Bakhareva & Tatiana Ivolga

Maria Bakhareva (*1988, Penza, Poolzje, Russia) & Tatiana Ivolga (*1990 Tomsk, Siberia, Russia) met in 2010 during the entrance examination at the Moscow Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. In addition to their academic training, they were interested in plein air painting, in particular to grasp and learn how to “see colors”.
During the curfew during the pandemic last year, they used video conferences to discuss their feelings and make them part of their artistic work.

We want to show emotions in their inner and outer impression. Two opposites: water and fire, which exist simultaneously and separately from each other. The one who finds the center of the opposites of this universe can feel and find himself.

April 26th until May 15th 2021


Simon Reitmann

Simon Reitmann, born 1999 in Rottenmann, works as a trained cabinetmaker along clear structures. In terms of content and form, he follows a design principle that assigns an essential role to space. His straight metal objects also show inclination (s); despite the precise formulation, these are clearly studies of movement. He is interested in the pictorial quality of the object, in experimenting with the relative density of a body. Reitmann researches the qualities of his material and opts for irritation as a stylistic element. As part of the collective SAMA, founded in 2020, Reitmann works conceptually and understands his work as „in progress.“ The whole is not closed and statically joined. It is in motion. (Text: Bettina Landl)